September Schedule

Sep. 4: Photo Opportunity – S.S. JOHN W. BROWN, Calling All Photographers

Sep. 5: Photo Opportunity – Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse Tours

Sep. 7: Photo Opportunity –  Skipjack Race & Festival | Deal Island

Sep. 9: Competition – This is the first contest of the new year. The theme is open so anything goes. Paid members may participate in the competition. The public is welcome to attend and observe the judging to learn from the judge’s critiques. During judging, the individual identities of the photographers are kept secret to allow the judge to give helpful feedback without embarrassing the photographer. These contests are particularly good learning experiences for all photographers on composition and exposure and is useful for photographers at all skill levels.  The rules for competitions are available at

Sep. 12: Photo Opportunity – Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse Tours

Sep. 13: Field Trip Lonaconing Silk Mill On September 13 2:00pm we will be meeting at the Lonaconing Silk Mill. It is like a time capsule located about 6 miles south of Frostburg in Western Maryland. Cost is $100 person. Session lasts 4 hours. Tripods are Ok. You will need to sign a release. Ok to pay cash on the day. Next we will figure out a place to Dinner in the area after the trip.

Sep. 16: Program Greg Holden We will have a special program featuring Greg Holden, a Washington area photographer who is known for his website, www. Greg travels widely and has a variety of creative photographs in his portfolio from many of his outdoor adventures. He has exhibited his work across the Washington and Northern Virginia areas and has won many awards for his macro, abstract, and landscape photographs. He has spoken before many photo groups in the area.

Sep. 18-19: Photo Opportunity – Maryland Lighthouse Challenge

Sep. 19: Photo Opportunity -Watch Log Canoe Races Aboard Winnie Estelle

Sep. 19: Photo Opportunity – Andrews Air Force Base Air Show

Sep. 23: Photo Walk – Since the school will be closed for Yom Kipper, we will meet in Annapolis for a photo walk. We should be able to catch the sunset.

Sep. 26: Photo Opportunity – Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse Tours

Sep. 30: Competition – We will have our second competition of the year. The category is open. Club members may submit three monochrome prints and three color prints. The rules for competitions are available at

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