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October Print Competition Results

Novice Color
1st Place – Fred Venecia – Reflections
2nd Place – Fred Venecia – Hard at Work
3rd Place – Ed Niehenke – Flower Trio
4th Place – Marilou Burleson – Graceful Calla Lily
HM – Rich Stolarski – Flowers in the Forest
HM – Cheryl Kerr – Indian Paintbrush

Unlimited Color
1st Place – Bob Webber – Roadrunner Orchid
2nd Place – Ron Peiffer – Soul Within
3rd Place – Ron Peiffer – Looking for Morning
4th Place – Bob Webber – Three Lilies in Color
HM – Ron Peiffer – Last Drop of Nectar
HM – Michelle Barkdoll – Bud in Bloom

Novice Mono
1st Place – Marilou Burleson – Calla Lilys in Vase
2nd Place – Marilou Burleson – White Flower on Black
3rd Place – Jackie Colestock – Pitcher Plan
4th Place – Louis Sapienza – Stamin Study
HM – Louis Sapienza – Daisy Out of the Dark
HM – Elaine Hambly – Melting Rose

Unlimited Mono
1st Place – Ron Peiffer – Mascot of Slytherin
2nd Place – Ron Peiffer – Faded Beauty
3rd Place – Ron Peiffer – Uparistha Konasana
4th Place – Mike Thomas – Kitchen Daisies
HM – Michelle Barkdoll – Just a Dream
HM – Mike Thomas – Garden Daihla

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2018 Oct. 17: Denise Silva – Street Photography

Join us on 17 October for a program by Denise Silva on Street Photography. Out contest theme in December will be Street Photography.

Denise was the featured photographer in the Photoshop User Magazine Who’s Who in the KelbyOne Community Article. Additionally, Denise was recognized as one of the Top 200 Women Photographers Who Inspire by Nature Photo Guides and has had multiple articles published in Extraordinary Vision (EV) Magazine, and is a featured artist in Breakthrough Photography’s Guide to Night Sky Photography.

Denise finds every aspect of photography rewarding. From in-camera composition to post-processing, photography is meditative, creative, and challenging. Her passion is to capture images, from landscapes to urban decay and to share her experiences and knowledge with fellow photographers.

To this end, she and Don Rosenberger started Road Runner Photography Tours.

Denise looks forward to sharing her passion for photography with you and know that RRPT tours will not only take you to great places, but also give you an opportunity to build your network of photography friends while enhancing your photography skills through experience and knowledge sharing in a supportive environment. There is no better place to learn and develop your skills than in the field!

If you are passionate about photography, enjoy travel, and prefer learning new techniques in the field and not in the classroom…. then we have the photo tours for you!

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2018 Oct. 8: Field Trip: Library of Congress

Mike Thomas Photos: Architecture & Buildings &emdash; 2015 All Rights Reserved

Twice each year, the Library of Congress opens its magnificent Main Reading Room to share information about how the public can access the Library’s resources year-round. The Main Reading Room will be open to the public on the federal Columbus Day holiday, Monday, Oct. 8, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Main Reading Room is located on the first floor of the Library’s Thomas Jefferson Building, 10 First Street S.E., Washington, D.C.

Reference librarians will be on hand to demonstrate services, offer instruction on obtaining a reader-registration card and answer questions. They will be available to demonstrate the Library’s online resources and discuss access to the Library’s vast on-site collections and electronic resources, including services and collections for use in family history research. No other reference services will be available, and all other Library of Congress reading rooms and buildings will be closed. Photography is allowed; however, visitors may not use selfie sticks, mono-, bi- or tripods.

The Library’s Young Readers Center will be open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. with activity stations and programming for visitors. Young people under 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Exhibition tours will be available to visitors on the second floor of the Thomas Jefferson Building.

Send email to Michelle to let her know if you are going on this field trip.

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2018 Oct. 10: Contests – Color & Monochrome Prints – Flowers

Our next competition will be Wednesday, 26 September 2018. We will have color prints and monochrome prints. You may enter three in each.

The theme this month is Flowers. Photographs of flower buds, blooms, or fields of flowers; including single flowers, bunches of flowers, macros of flowers, arrangements or bouquets of flowers; found in the wild, in nurseries, gardens, in your house. Judges are inundated with flower photographs. The trick is to get a uniquely composed image that stands out from all of the other flower images. Click here for examples of Flower Photography. Click here for a Spark Page on Flower photography.

Competition rules, which include how to prepare your entries are posted on our website

  • Monochrome and Color Prints– Prints must be matted. The print and mat assembly may not exceed 20” size on the longest edge. The contestant’s name, picture title, category, class, and contest date (month/year) must appear on the back of each print.  PLEASE include an arrow on the back of the image to reflect orientation. For example

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Published 2018 September “Lens Line” Newsletter

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2018 Nov. 3-4: Overnight Field Trip – Penn’s Cave, Naturem Farm and Wildlife Tour

This photo of Penn’s Cave is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Saturday will consist of Penn’s Cave, Nature, Farm and Wildlife Tour – – You can choose which one or two or all of the adventures that they offer – prices listed on website.

Saturday evening = Bowling at Bellfonte Lanes (as long as they are not pre-booked for a party- will know closer to time) This is an older bowling alley.

Sunday will consist of Hershey Gardens Butterfly Atrium and Bug Zone.

Please RSVP here to this email so that I may book for reservations.

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2018 Oct. 4: Photo Peer Review

This photo of Sin Fronteras Cafe is courtesy of TripAdvisor

ACC Members,

We had a good turn out at Brian Boru’s the other week for the photoshop/lightroom talk, so decided to do a piggy back session from that and have a peer review on Thursday, October 4th, 2018 at 6:30pm at Sin Fronteras Cafe, 7748 Ritchie Hwy, Glen Burnie.

Please bring 3-5 photos that you would like your peers to critique. Please bring 5×7 or 8×10 of ones that you have been working on in photoshop/lightroom. Please do NOT put your names on your photos, as we will be mixing them up and randomly giving each other photos to critique and passing them around the table.

Come hungry and ready to critique. Each person is responsible for their own food and drink purchases. Looking forward to seeing many of you there!

Please RSVP here to this email so that I may book for reservations.

Michelle Barkdoll

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2018 Oct. 13 – Field Trip – “A Time Of Learning” – Cunningham Falls Photo Hike

October 13, 2018 (Rain Date October 14, 2018) –  9AM – “A Time Of Learning” – Cunningham Falls Photo Hike – This learning event is Free for Arundel Camera Club Members in good standing – All others, $10 donation the Arundel Camera Club. – Topics of Discussion and Hike led by John Milleker Jr.- 1. Pre-trip planning. Using online resources to plan your trip and shots from the comfort of your couch. 2. Choosing which photography gear to bring depending on the subject, location and weather. 3. Pre-set for your situation. Learn to anticipate your camera settings (aperture, shutter) for your subject. 4. Increasing your ‘keeper’ rate with shooting discipline. 5. Basics of composition to make your photographs more visually appealing. 6. And all other questions asked.

There will be hiking, bring comfortable hiking shoes. Bug spray, sunscreen and a hat. Also bring a camera with clean memory cards and charged batteries in a camera bag that you don’t mind hiking with. You’ll need your normal walk-around lens, if you have a telephoto lens we’ll talk about those as well. We highly recommend bringing a tripod, but if you don’t have one we’ll discuss other stabilizing techniques. If you are unsure about how your camera works, please tuck the instruction manual in your camera bag. It makes it easier to help you dial in the settings on your brand of camera!  Water will be provided, please bring a pack lunch and a picnic blanket or chair. At this time, Cunningham Falls parking fee is $3 per person with Maryland License, $5 for all others.

Please email if you would like to attend.

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September Contests Results

Mono Prints – Novice

1st – Fred Venecia Ms. McAlpine
2nd – Julie Bennett Monarch
3rd – Louis Sapienza Carnival
4th – Marylou Burleson Serenity
HM – Cheryl Kerr Between Skirmishes

Mono Prints – Unlimited

1st – Ron Peiffer Clock Work
2nd – Chuck Gallagos The Back Forty
3rd – Mike Thomas Danielle
4th – Greg Hockel Rest In Peace
HM – Chuck Gallegos Sidelines
HM – Greg Hockel Run Aground

Color Prints – Novice

1st – Julie Bennett Sunlit Wings
2nd – Marylou Burleson Dazzling Star of Annapolis
3rd – Fred Venecia Hello
4th – Marylou Burleson Beauty and Grace in Purple
HM – Marylou Burleson Canine Off Duty

Color Prints – Unlimited

1st – Churck Gallegos Golden Falls
2nd – Cathy Hockel Bubble Blower
3rd – Louis Sapienza Dinner Time
4th – Ron Peiffer View From The Top
HM – Cathaleen Ley Sister Piers
HM – Chuck Gallegos Symmetry

Digital – Novice

1st – Cheryl Kerr Foggy Sunrise
2nd – Marylou Burleson Sailing At Sunset
3rd – Zoe Smith Grand Canal
4th – Tom Ley Fall Vista
HM- Cheryl Kerr Misty Morning
HM – Zoe Smith Flow

Digital – Unlimited

1st – Cathy Hockel Wagon at Dusk
2nd – David Joyner Peabody
3rd – Chuck Gallegos A Different Drummer
4th – Chuck Gallegos Green Heron’s Gaze
HM – Cathy Hockel Rufous Hummingbird
HM – Greg Hockel Mountain & Clouds
HM – Ron Peiffer Manhattan View

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2018 Sep. 26: Contests – Color & Monochrome Prints/Digital – Open

Our next competition will be Wednesday, 26 September 2018. We will have color prints, monochrome prints, and digital contests. You may enter three in each.

The theme this month is Open, so anything goes. Competition rules, which include how to prepare your entries are posted on our website

  • Monochrome and Color Prints– Prints must be matted. The print and mat assembly may not exceed 20” size on the longest edge. The contestant’s name, picture title, category, class, and contest date (month/year) must appear on the back of each print.  PLEASE include an arrow on the back of the image to reflect orientation. For example

  • Digital –
    • Email your digital entries in by Tuesday, at noon. Remember that the email address to send your digital entries to is
    • Send your images as email attachments. Mac users need to put their images in a zip file and attach the zip file to the email.
    • Resize your images to 1024 pixels on the long side (1024 x ??? or ??? x 1024).
    • Files should be named according to the following convention:
      • A class identifier, ‘n’ for novice or ‘u’ for unlimited, should prepend the file name and be followed by an underscore.
      • The image name should appear next. For multi-word titles, it is helpful to either capitalize the first letter of each word or separate each word with an underscore. Although most mechanisms of uploading/transferring/emailing files handle spaces in titles, this is not universal. If you have problems sending files with space-separated titles, try the methods mentioned above instead.
      • An underscore and the owner’s first and last initials should follow the title.
      • Finally, make sure the file extension (.jpg) exists.
      • Examples: Here are file name samples using the above convention:
        • u_BridgeOnTheRiverKwai_cb.jpg
        • u_bridge_on_the_river_kwai_cb.jpg
        • n_thistitleisveryhardtoread_cb.jpg
        • n_some have trouble with this_cb.jpg
    • We will send you an email to confirm we have received your images and that they are named and sized appropriately. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact the contest chairman at
    • If all else fails, you may bring your images to the meeting on a USB drive, but we may not be able to put them into the contest.
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